Yoga On an Acupressure Mat

by admin on November 24, 2010

You can use the Shakti Mat , also called the acupressure mat, to enhance your yoga practice. To do this, you should experiment with your mat to see how it affects your poses, or perform a simple routine to see how it feels.

You may wish to place a thin cloth over the acupressure mat to make some of the poses more comfortable to hold. As you become used to holding poses on the mat, you can perform them directly on the spikes.

Begin with a simple routine, such as the one listed below.

Tadasana Step onto your Acupressure mat, lowering your weight evenly onto the acupressure spikes. Inhale and on the exhale stand up tall. Balance your weight evenly across the balls and heels of your feet. Tuck the pelvis under and draw the shoulders back and down. Take five deep, even breaths. From here, we will move into our next pose.

Lift your arms as you inhale, and as you exhale bend forward from your hips, lowering your hands to the acupressure mat. This is the Uttanansana, or the Standing Forward Bend. Inhale as you look up and stretch your spine, lowering your head as you exhale. Hold this pose for five breaths and slowly rise up to a standing form as you inhale.

Vrksasana – Tree Ground down through your left foot, finding your balance. Inhale the right leg up, bringing the right foot to a comfortable position somewhere along the inside of the left leg, or in half lotus if you are advanced. When you feel balanced here, inhale your arms up above your head into prayer position and focus on a point on the floor in front of your acupressure mat. Stay here for as long as is comfortable.

Leave the tree by lowering your arms as you exhale and slowly lower your foot back to the acupressure mat and then repeat the tree while balancing on the other foot.

Now, lower yourself to the acupressure mat and move into the Pascmottinasana. Place your feet straight out ahead of you and stretch your spine. As you exhale, bend forward to lower your head to your knees while keeping your back straight. Stretch your hands down your legs and reach for your feet.

Draw the head closer to the legs with every exhale. Feel the spikes of the acupressure mat energising the meridians along the backs of your legs as you draw deeper into the pose. Inhale to come back up.

Now it is time for the Lotus. Lay on your stomach on the mat with your legs stretched behind you and your arms at your sides. Your chin should be supported by the floor. Inhale, and slowly lift your legs, arms, and chin away from the floor and feel the acupressure mat against your abdomen. Hold the pose only so long as it feels comfortable before relaxing on the exhale.

From the Locust position move into the Dhanursana, or Bow Pose. Finish with your favorite spinal twist, followed by a Tadasana, and end with the corpse pose. Relax, and breathe, and mediate until you are finished.

Now that you have tried the acupressure mat for a basic exercise you can compare this new Yoga tool to a simple mat. The spines encourage your meridians to awaken, giving you more energy for your body and mind. You can increase the depth and complexity of your routine as you grow more comfortable with the routine, and even remove the cloth to feel the spikes directly against your skin. Namaste!

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