Hip Pain and the Acupressure Mat

by admin on November 24, 2010

Hip pain is not as uncommon as you may think, nor is it restricted only to the older population. Contrary to popular belief, aches and pains can affect you from a young age and don’t only start settling in when you reach the middle-aged mile marker.

Hip pain affects a wide variety of ages, races, lifestyles and more and it has many different causes. The most common age groups for hip pain are the very young; birth to 15 years old, and the middle aged to older population; 45 years and older. Hip pain is not something to be taken lightly and should be treated effectively from the start. This will prevent further complications later down the line.

Common causes and the symptoms they bring

Arthritis is the most common culprit in Hip Pain . Arthritis is really a fancy way of saying inflammation of the joints. When arthritis moves into the hip joint it can be painful to move at all and this pain can be chronic. When you have pain or stiffness in your hip joints, you may find that anti-inflammatory drugs make things a bit easier. Tendonitis is another common culprit of hip pain.

Reduction of the inflammation in your hip or joint will help reduce the pain. As you age, your body naturally becomes more frail and prone to accidents. When you have an accident that results in a break or fracture you set yourself up for pain and problems as you age. You are also more likely to encounter serious hip or bones fractures as you age.

You can help keep your bones strong with calcium and other supplements and by living a healthy lifestyle and getting sufficient rest. Many Hip Pain sufferers find benefit from regular massage that increases blood flow that also promotes flexibility. Surgery is also a successful option to repair a broken or fractured hip if that does happen.

Acupressure Offers Hip Pain Relief

If you are searching for a great pain reliever, you might consider an acupressure mat. This mat uses pressure to stimulate the points on your body responsible for healing and pain relief. The pressure on these points causes the brain to release endorphins and energy throughout your body speeding up healing and pain relief. For drug free pain, relief an acupressure mat is the way to go.

When you stimulate the body to release endorphins you are essentially receiving a natural painkiller. Now your body is less focused on the pain and more on the healing, leaving you to heal much more quickly. Blood flow to the muscles and other areas requiring healing is stimulated by the points on the mat.

This brings oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the area for a boost in healing power. Yes, the acupressure mat really is all that. It is easy to use, safe, and effective in the relief of hip pain that stems from a number of different causes. Why live with daily pain when you can help your body naturally heal itself and relieve pain with a simple and non-invasive treatment like this? An acupressure mat is a worthwhile investment for anyone suffering from hip pain.

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