Do You Have an Acupressure Mat, Shakti Mat, Nail Mat, Yantra Mat?

If you do, then have you thought about using it for Meditation?

You Can Get Them For FREE Here !

Shakti Mat

Can you really meditate on a bed of Nails? The answer is a resounding YES!

However, if you try to use normal Guided Meditations, there is a problem – they normally talk about sitting up straight, BUT as you know we lie on our Acupressure Mats !

So, I got frustrated with that and had some Guided Meditations written Specially for use with these modern day Bed of Nails.

Click Play on the Video Clip below to listen to a sample of one of the Meditations.

I have been selling these on the Internet, but have recently decided to share them with all users of these mats for FREE!

Why would I do this?

I have moved on to other things and don’t want the hassle of running a specialized eCommerce Website.

If you liked the sample, then click on the Download Button to get the following Three Specially Written Guided Meditation Absolutely FREE.

  • Relaxation – You can use this meditation at any time of the day to free up the mind
  • Early Morning Energize – Make a great start to the morning and focus your mind on the day ahead
  • Deep Sleep Meditation – Use this before you close your eyes for the evening and get a Great Nights Sleep

Shakti Mat